Six months ago the Swedish game studio Järnringen ran a successful crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo, aimed at raising money for translating their hit roleplaying game Symbaroum into English. Now the work has been done and today, after having been read and played by the fundraiser backers for roughly two weeks, the digital download edition of Symbaroum’s Core Rulebook is launched for sale. You can find it on your favorite digital download site and in Järnringen’s webshop.


Symbaroum at Järnringen’s Webshop

Symbaroum at DriveThruRPG

The reactions to the game have been fantastic, in regards to both setting and ruleset. The game world has inspired reactions like “awesome”, “breathtaking” and “mind-blowing”, while the system has been described like “a perfect blend of a more narrative system like FATE or Dungeon World and a more gamey system like D&D or Pathfinder”.


Printed versions of the CRB will hit the shelves over the months to come. In December 2015 you will be able to order the offset printed edition from Järnringen’s webshop and various print-on-demand formats will be unlocked on digital download sites. Finally, the offset print edition will reach retailers all around the world in February next year.


There are also a number of game supplements on the way. The character sheet is already available for free download, so also the narrative introduction to the heart of the setting – the short novella called On the Nature of Davokar. Before the end of November the Adventure Pack PDF should be added to the list and some weeks later the adventure The Mark of the Beast.



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