In less than a month, the new GM Screen (also bundled with a printed version of Adventure Pack I) will reach our UK warehouse. During the upcoming two weeks you will have the opportunity to pre-purchase the screen directly from our webshop. Now, the main reason for you to do this would of course be to support Team Järnringen, but you will also get it long before it reaches retailers, with two exceptions…


With a bit of luck we may have the product for sale at Dragonmeet, December 3. Note that this is NOT a certain; it depends on the printing process, delivery speed and Prios being in a good mood. Dragonmeet aside, the screen will be available in the Modiphius webstore a couple of weeks after we have shipped the pre-orders, hopefully in time for the last stretch of Christmas shopping.


Like with a couple of earlier pre-purchase campaigns we will run this one from our site, and not in our store. Why, you ask? The answer is simply that the products will ship from UK and our store is set for shipping prices from Sweden. Again, why? Well, because the shipping cost to anywhere but Sweden will be much lower this way. We promise to find a better solution for our international sales during the first half of 2017, when we hopefully will have a little more time between productions and also a greater number of English language products to sell.


The only downside to the current method is that we can only include a select number of countries in the pre-purchase campaign. If you live somewhere not covered by the articles called “Pre-Purchase North America” or “Pre-Purchase WORLD” (see below), you will have to wait until the book reaches the Modiphius store. Sorry for that; as mentioned, we will work to find a better pre-purchase procedure in the future.


Down below you will find links to three “hidden products” in our webstore. They include the same product (Symbaroum – Game Master Screen) but at varying prices because shipping has been added to (and is included in) the product price. Hence, no cost for shipping will be added to the prices listed below!


The pre-purchase campaign also gives access to PDF versions of both the screen and the booklet, and it is active from November 14 to November 28 2016.


For delivery addressed in the UK:

Symbaroum – Game Master’s Screen, Pre-Purchase UK
($35.99, including $6 in shipping)



For delivery addressed in the US and Canada:

Symbaroum – Game Master’s Screen, Pre-Purchase North America
($37.99, including $8 in shipping)



For delivery addressed in Europe, Australia, New Zeeland and Japan:

Symbaroum – Game Master’s Screen, Pre-Purchase WORLD
($38.99, including $9 in shipping)

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