In 2013 we started off as if following a barely visible path deep inside Davokar, a path that later turned into an animal trail leading trough woods that seemed brighter and brighter as we kept pushing on.


The trail connected to a caravan route and soon we stood at the forest edge, looking out over the swaying fields of Ambria. It must have been close to the Marshes, because (aside from the occasional reef and mud bank) for the last seven months it has been smooth sailing, as if navigating the currents of the mighty River Doudram.


Along the way we have picked up more and more passengers. Now, this is of course the whole point of the journey and it gladdens us immensely, but it is not without its challenges. We need an ever growing vehicle to accommodate all who want to tag along; we need to provide everyone with comforts, nourishment and entertainment, and make sure that all are finding the journey enjoyable. Oh, and not much further ahead the Titans are waiting. Make no mistake – we will aspire to take you to those towering peaks, all the way to the top, but there is a lot that needs to happen between here and there, if we are to stand a chance.


In less poetic words: Things are moving fast and we have to spend as much time developing our organization as we are producing new products. This is of course as it should be, and we will do our very best to meet the demands of the ever changing situation. Luckily, everything is under control regarding the 15 individual items (Swedish and English) we have planned for the next 6-8 months – most of them related to the Kickstarter campaign that ended about a month ago. The making of new products is and will be our number one focus, so we hope you will forgive us if things like a new home page, a monthly newsletter, a forum of our own, and us appearing at conventions will take a little time to make happen.


As of right now we are primarily working on two products. First we are putting the finishing touches on Karvosti – Häxhammaren, the Swedish version of part two in the Chronicle of the Throne of Thorns. Simultaneously, the post-production of Thistle Hold – Wrath of the Warden and all the unlocked stretch goals of the KS campaign is underway. The only slight worry is that we are depending on freelancers in the layout department, but knowing the skill and capacity of our go-to-guys this should work out just fine.


In a nutshell: the road ahead appears to be paved and aptly maintained, and our encumbered vehicle shows no indications to slow or (Prios forbid!) break down. And if we feel even the slightest tired, all we have to do is visit our communities on Facebook, Google+ or Reddit – your enthusiasm and words of encouragement is enough to keep us going and going and going. :-)

Happy gaming,
Team Järnringen

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