About a week ago, the Kickstarter campaign aimed at funding the postproduction and print of Thistle Hold – Wrath of the Warden crossed the finish line. And what a finish it was! Thanks to the 518 backers the situation for us at Nya Järnringen AB has changed, dramatically; the outcome means that we can channel even more time and resources into making Symbaroum bigger, better and richer. And this without having to blight our bodies and souls with the corruption of bankers or meddlesome shareholders! :-)


The day after the campaign ended, Järnringen’s core team met up in Stockholm. It turned into a very nice and productive day. Not only did we have time to discuss and make some very important decisions regarding the future of the company; a lot of time was also devoted to sketching the basis for our next major production: part III in The Throne of Thorns (with the working title Yndaros – The Darkest Star). Oh, and at dinner we dared to look even further into the future. Although nothing is decided, it is fair to say that we believe that we know what we’d like Symbaroum’s baby sister to look like. We have even an idea on what to name her … ;-)


Now, after a fantastic first half of 2016, we will try to find a bit of rest and relaxation for the next couple of weeks. This does not mean that we will let the furnace die out; only that we will use some of our waking hours to contemplate what has been and plan for what’s to come. Translators, proofreaders, map artists and graphic designers are working at full steam to make sure that the backers of the Kickstarter campaign will get their rewards in time, and at the HQ Editor/Producer Mattias Johnsson and Artist Martin Bergström are occupied polishing both English and Swedish products.


So, have a great summer, play lots of games, and prepare to find out why the Warden is so full of wrath. The world of Ambria and Davokar is experiencing its second dawn, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that there will be many more dawns to come!


Happy gaming,
Team Järnringen

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