In June 2016 Team Järnringen and Symbaroum will make their first appearance on Kickstarter, with a campaign aimed at funding the print and launch of Thistle Hold – Wrath of the Warden, the first campaign and adventure module in the Chronicle of the Throne of Thorns. The Core Book was translated after a successful fundraiser on IndieGoGo, and right now our partners A.K.A. Games are running a triumphant campaign for the French translation on Casus Belli (having earned over €72.000 with 5 days to go). But we have a feeling that Kickstarter has an even greater potential. Let’s hope that’s true!


The reason for running this new crowdfunding campaign is threefold:
1. We want to print Thistle Hold – Wrath of the Warden in the same exclusive quality as the offset printed Core Rulebook.
2. We want to reach new gamers who still haven’t heard about Queen Korinthia, High Chieftain Tharaban, The Iron Pact and the Forest of Davokar.
3. We want to see if there is a chance to gain funds for speeding up the production/translation of some products further down on our list of future releases.


Short on Rewards
As with the IndieGoGo campaign, we will keep it simple. There will be a supporter level including a reward for players, and a level for those content with the digital version of the book. Then there will be a backer level for TH-WotW alone and another one including most of the stretch goals unlocked during the campaign.
We have also set aside a limited number of Core Rulebooks, making it possible for those who haven’t picked up the offset printed edition to do so – with or without the addition of unlocked stretch goals. Finally, we will offer a collector’s edition called Pretender to the Throne, bound in artificial leather with metallic plating, and numbered and signed by members of Team Järnringen.
That’s about it; we trust in Symbaroum and will not make things more complicated than they need to be! However, it should be mentioned that several reward levels are limited, for different reasons (early bird offers, product stock and exclusivity). So it might be a good idea to keep an ear to the ground and be there at the opening!


Short on Stretch Goals
The first set of stretch goals are all about making Thistle Hold – Wrath of the Warden into the kind of product we want it to be: hardcover, premium quality print on thick high quality paper. Second are a couple of fundraiser exclusive support products (a double-sided map and a limited print of the players’ section of the book, called The Hunter’s Harbor), followed by the translation of the two new adventures Fever of the Hunt and The Bell Chimes for Kastor. According to the current plan, those are the products which will be received by backers of the stretch goal inclusive reward levels.
If we go even higher, the campaign will unlock add-on products: really cool products but ones which are so expensive to produce and ship that we have two options. One is to include them in the stretch goal inclusive reward levels and set a very high initial cost for those. The other is to charge extra for these products, if/when they are unlocked. We have opted for the latter, which we hope you agree is the best (or at least fairest) option.



From here to there …
At the moment Thistle Hold – Wrath of the Warden is about 80% through translation and two of the book’s three sections are at stage 1 (of 3) in the proofreading process. We are also producing a new trailer, featuring the original Throne of Thorns theme song and a series of absolutely magical art sequences.
On your side, you can help us by spreading the news of what’s to come. The pay-what-you-want eBook on DriveThruRPG called Symbaroum – The Throne of Thorns has been a HUGHE success and is a perfect place to start for getting people curious, about the game at large and about the chronicle in particular.
Happy gaming!
/Team Järnringen

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