So, it is high time to send the next Symbaroum book to print! We are planning to do a limited print of The Copper Crown, including the adventures The Mark of the Beast and Tomb of Dying Dreams – the independent sequels to the tutorial adventure The Promised Land. With this added to your collection you’ll have the whole Chronicle of the Copper Crown printed in the same superb quality as, and on even thicker paper than, the Core Rulebook!


This limited printrun we are preparing is primarily meant for stores around the globe, but this pre-purchase campaign makes it possible for you to a) secure a copy, and b) have it delivered long before it reaches retailers. Also, you’ll be helping us carry some of the print cost, for which we are very grateful.


So, why are we running the campaign from our site, and not in our store? The answer is simply that these books will ship from UK and our store is set for shipping prices from Sweden. Again, why? Well, because the shipping cost to anywhere but Sweden will be much lower this way. So thank Modiphius for hooking us up with their warehouse! :-)



Down below you will find links to three “hidden products” in our webstore. They include the same products (The Copper Crown) but at varying prices because shipping has been added to (and is included in) the product price. Hence, no cost for shipping will be added to the prices listed below!


For delivery addressed in the UK:

The Copper Crown – Pre-Purchase UK
(Pre-purchase Campaign has ended))



For delivery addressed in almost all other countries (see below for exceptions):

The Copper Crown – Pre-Purchase WORLD
(Pre-purchase Campaign has ended)



For delivery addressed in a few countries requiring our warehouse to upgrade to premium shipping with a tracking number, for instance Brazil, Argentina and Russia (if unsure send a mail to

The Copper Crown – Pre-Purchase with Tracking
(Pre-purchase Campaign has ended)




… to conquer new RPG territories. Järnringen is proud to announce that two more translation agreements have been made, bringing Symbaroum to Brazilian and Italian gamers. By the end of the year Queen Korinthia, First Father Jeseebegai and all others will have learnt to speak not only Swedish and English, but also French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese.


“We obviously love the game and are very particular when choosing translation partners to team up with”, says Mattias Johnsson, producer and writer at Järnringen. “Size and track record matters, but it is also a question of passion, dedication and taking the task seriously. We are totally confident that we have found the perfect match when it comes to our new partners in Italy and Brazil.”



“We fell in love with Symbaroum as soon as we saw it”, says Gio Dal Farra, head of GGstudio and the Italian team. “The outstanding art direction, the inspiring setting and the fast-paced ruleset will strike the heart of our gamers as well. We are very proud to be the partner for the Italian edition.”


The Brazilian team Pensamento Coletivo is a relatively newly founded publisher, working with products ranging from games’ accessories to RPGs, board and card games and fiction about those games. Currently they are the Brazilian publisher of some award-winning licenses, such as The Manhattan Project, Interface Zero, Champions, the all-new Shadow of the Demon Lord, and also the Swedish RPG Mutant: Year Zero.



“Being new doesn’t allow us to settle for ‘ok quality’, we strive for the best and the best only, taking pride in getting our products to the players’ table”, says Filipe Cunha, chief editor at Pensamento Coletivo. “We picked Symbaroum because we think it’s a game that deserves to be released in Brazil. It’s gorgeous, the setting’s intriguing, vile and all that’s good about dark fantasy. Not to mention that the rules are light and easy to understand, providing the framework for great stories to be told.”


No definite release dates have been set, but as soon as something happens you’ll be able to read about it at the websites of Järnringen and its new partners.

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