Here at the Järnringen HQ we couldn’t have asked for a greater start to the new year. January has been fantastic – great reviews and much interest in Symbaroum on the international scene, Modiphius describing the launch of the game in their store as a “smash hit”, people from all over the world getting back to us by mail, Facebook, Google+ and forums with game reports and words of encouragement. And here in Sweden we are #1 on the sales charts with “Spelarens Handbok”. The only fly in the ointment is that some of our IGG backers haven’t received their canvas prints and print-on-demand copies of the Core Rulebook, but that should be remedied before long.


For the English audience, the adventure The Mark of the Beast will soon be available on your favorite download store. Next up is Tomb of Dying Dreams, taking the player characters for a first expedition into the dark and treacherous depth of Davokar. The translation is underway and if nothing goes horribly wrong the adventure should be available in March. Adding to that we are planning to print a new GM Screen (in English) but exactly when is yet to be determined.



Cover of the Swedish version of the Mark of the Beast

For our Swedish players, we have decided that it’s time for a mark down on the price of Grundboken. The new price (339:-) will take effect February 1st, and to celebrate the both local and international success there will be a special offer with an even better price during the first week of February (exclusively in our webstore). Tell your friends and maybe invest in an additional copy for yourself and your gaming group.


It should also be mentioned that the production of our next module, Karvosti – Häxhammaren, is coming along just fine. As this is written, the text has been sent to proof readers; the production of images, maps and handouts is underway; and we are preparing to do some playtests to see that the opposition is properly balanced. You shouldn’t expect to see it in stores before June but we are extremely happy with the adventure and setting, and we can’t wait to see what happens when you all get to embark on what may very well be one of the most epic and challenging treasure hunts in RPG history! :-)

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